How a Virtual PBX Can Help Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Simply put, an e-commerce business relies on communication. Not surprisingly, in today’s age, communication management and efficiency is an important part of any¬†business plan. Confusion, inefficiency and lost time and money resulting from a communication strategy that is not up to par with today’s technology and market demands can weigh heavily on an e-commerce business’s profit margin and bottom line. From dealing with manufacturers to consumers on a daily basis, an e-commerce business depends on reliable, streamlined processes that help, not hinder, the transfer of information. New strategies that enable an e-commerce business to effectively manage and implement new models of communication are vital to gaining a competitive edge. A virtual PBX is a way in which e-commerce businesses can transfer information seamlessly and employ a reliable and flexible communication strategy.The need for reliable communication is not only present in dealing with consumers, but also manufacturers and suppliers. One challenge for an e-commerce business is the presence of multiple locations for sales, shipping, and support. The lines of communication often overlap and can become tangled quickly if a process is not clearly defined and centrally connected. To solve this problem, a virtual PBX phone system can facilitate and streamline internal and external corporate communications. Multiple locations can be connected to one central phone system, a virtual PBX, which allows callers to reach different locations off of the main menu, and transfers callers to different departments or locations while the customer is still on the phone. A virtual PBX can be extremely effective in managing calls for an e-commerce business by directing manufacturers to the appropriate customer service managers; leading sales representatives to the appropriate buyers and marketing teams; and putting customers in contact with service representatives that can properly and efficiently help them with their purchase.A second challenge for an¬† e-commerce business is the fact that start-ups consistently juggle information from manufacturers and suppliers. Some of these pieces of information include inventory and stock updates; lead times and shipping estimates; consumer inquires and urgent requests; and product marketing updates, including new collections as well as new and dropped products. Untangling these lines of communication is a priority for any company that relies heavily on information management and communication. New strategies that implement a virtual PBX system, however, empower an e-commerce business to use tactics and technologies they have a foundation to build upon.A virtual PBX system takes information that an e-commerce business has in their database or file management systems and leverages that in automated recordings to let consumers know about limited-time discounts or unique promotional opportunities. In addition, automated recordings can be used to highlight particular brands or products, recently added lines, or new and updated products or product categories. The benefits for an e-commerce business are two-fold: first, by becoming more efficient by repurposing content that has already been created; and second, by saving time and money through the use of a virtual PBX to advertise instead of traditional channels that often deliver mixed results.A virtual PBX also simplifies communication, allowing for a better customer experience. Since it allows for multiple and specified extensions, this ensures that consumers are directed to the appropriate employees or departments. For a company building brand awareness and brand identity, ensuring a more simplified and user-friendly caller platform boosts customer retention rates and consumer loyalty. Including a toll free number with your virtual PBX can help eliminates arguments against trusting an online business because consumers see a company with a toll free number as more reliable and established. While some customers may be wary of doing business with online companies, a toll free number and virtual PBX system convey an image of trustworthiness. These elements often function to demonstrate that a business is established and professional.The heart of any sale is communication: between consumers and employees, and employees and manufacturers/suppliers. Making an efficient and streamlined communication strategy a part of an e-commerce business’s foundation can result in immediate dividends. From saving time and money associated with multiple locations and missed opportunities in misdirected calls to positively boosting brand awareness and loyalty, a virtual PBX phone system improves a company’s communication management. Ensuring that calls are routed to their intended destination, that customers are informed and targeted with discounts and available promotions, and the simplification of communications in general will help grow an e-commerce business faster than if these issues are not addressed.

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